Social Media Golf Marketing Outperforms Newspapers and Golf Magazines

As the golf industry has declined so have the budgets of golf courses trying to reach new customers.  It’s an endless downward cycle resulting in fewer rounds being played at golf courses and fewer people taking up the game.  Social media golf marketing outperforms newspapers and golf magazines in reaching more golfers, in targeting golfers and in engaging golfers more often.

Golf has been slow to react to the wave of new technology that other industries have been jumping on.  Social media is one area in particular where golf courses at the local level are lacking which is failing to encourage new golfers to take up and play the game because they can get more added value from other, more socially active activities.

To grow golf, it is essential to continue to promote the game at the local level.  Golf courses in every community should be working hard to encourage the members of their community to take up golf.  As people who love the game it should be our duty to share the love we have with the game with so many others.

But, it needs to be affordable, it needs to be easy, and it needs to have an impact.  Social media outperforms magazine and newspaper marketing in every imaginable category and the more time invested into a social media golf marketing campaign, the more impact your golf course will have on golfers.

Lets compare:

A local daily newspaper has a circulation of 119,000 people.  The cost for a 3 x 5 ad is $340.  To have your ad show up every day you would be $2,380 per week.  The cost per thousand impressions is $2.86.

  • It does not target your market
  • There is no opportunity for follow up
  • Circulations are declining

A local golf magazine has a circulation of 50,000 people.  The cost for an ad is $1,700.  The magazine goes out once a month.  The cost per thousand impressions is $13.60.

  • Targets golfers, some within your geographical region and some outside of your geographical region
  • There is no opportunity for follow up
  • Circulations are declining

19th Hole Media (Welborn Media) worked with a local golf course in Southern California for 18 months.  At the end of our tenure we were reaching 77,136 people every week.  We were being paid less than $250 per week.  We were posting daily to their Facebook and Twitter pages and created blog posts and videos at sporadic intervals.  The cost per thousand impressions was $0.88.

  • Targeted golfers within 50 miles of the golf course
  • Connections can last a lifetime
  • Number of impressions increases at a constant rate
Social Media Golf Marketing is better than golf magazine ads or newspaper ads.  Welborn Social Media 19th Hole Media

Golf Magazine vs. Newspaper vs. Welborn Social Media (19th Hole Media)

In a side by side comparison of the advantages of social media marketing versus any other form of marketing, 19th Hole Media blows them out of the water.  We reach more golfers, we cost less and we reach your golfers more often.

Let us show you what a social media golf marketing campaign can do for your golf course.  Contact Zeb Welborn today at to schedule a free consultation for your golf course.

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Zeb Welborn

Zeb Welborn

Zeb Welborn is the founder of 19th Hole Media, author of the Social Golf Course, president of Welborn Media and the host of the Twitter Chat, #GolfChat. Find out more.
Zeb Welborn
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