Zeb Welborn Included In 10 Most Innovative People in Golf Marketing by Golf Inc.

Zeb Welborn was recently featured in Golf Inc. Magazine in the article "10 Most Innovative People in Golf Marketing"

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Savvy golf marketers are taking advantage of resources, new and old. Social media, research and technology have forever changed how these movers and shakers promote golf, for the better.

Golf Inc. identified the people who are pushing the envelope the most and introducing new marketing opportunities. Our 10 movers and shakers are using a variety of marketing means.

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Zeb Welborn President, Welborn Media, 19th Hole Media

Golf is in his blood. His great-grandfather, William Sime, a 19th century Scottish club maker, came to America with one possession: a letter of recommendation from James Braid, the famous golf champion and course architect.

Last year, he co-wrote “The Social Golf Course,” which outlines ways for courses and clubs to effectively promote their course through online channels.

“We titled it that because traditional golf courses relied on traditional methods of getting the word out, which has changed,” Welborn said. “In order to become a social golf course, it’s not just through social media. It’s about thinking socially.”

“Capture a photo of the guy who got a hole-in-one or the charity tournament,” he said. “Sharing those moments will help build a strong collaborative community supported around golf.’ GI

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Zeb Welborn in Southland Golf Magazine

Zeb Welborn was chosen as a Game Changer in Southland Golf Magazine


Source: Southland Golf – July 2015

Southland Golf takes an annual look at a few people in the Southland who are Game Changers. People who help, inspire, influence or positively impact the game. It’s this year’s Front Nine.

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The former school teacher now instructs course operators how to connect with golfers online.

“The marketing model has changed dramatically over the past decade. Marketing used to be static. With social media, it demands to be dynamic,” Welborn said recently while sipping lemonade at Anaheim Hills Golf Course. “The algorithm of social media is engagement. People connect with golf courses through their emotions. You have to touch those emotions.”

The use of photos and videos on social media are other keys to making an impression, Welborn said, but even those are evolving from just a few years ago.

“It’s not photos or videos of the golf course. It’s photos and videos of people’s experience on the golf course,” he said. “That’s what makes the connection. We’re in an age where people want to share the fun they’re having in their lives, and that’s what we market to other golfers.” SG

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