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19th Hole Media is dedicated to growing your golf course by using social media to build relationships between your golf course and local golfers. Find out more, click here.

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Michael Flickinger General Manager Maderas Golf Club September 15, 2015

Zeb Welborn’s services as it relates to social media were an energizing addition to Maderas Golf Club’s sales and marketing efforts. His ability to engage new and existing customers is immediate and appreciated. I would highly recommend his professional services.

Real World Example

How We Generated at Least $936 from One Golf Course Facebook Post

1. One Facebook Post2. Five Months Later3. Follow Up4. Recap5. The Full Story
In November, we ran a golf course Facebook contest at a client golf course which we highlighted in a blog post we wrote titled, How to Run a Facebook Contest for Golf Courses: A Case Study.  The contest, which reached 2,976 golfers and had 409 people engage in the post, was won by Art Franco, who said he never played our clients golf course before.

Facebook Marketing for Golf Courses

Fast forward to April when Art Franco won another contest at our client golf course. Facebook Golf Marketing In five months, Art Franco said he'd played golf nine times at our client course.  Our client charges $52 per round during the week, so Art brought an additional (9 x $52) $468 in increased revenue.
I continued to follow up with Art via the Facebook messaging service and here's what Art had to say: Facebook Marketing for Golf Courses According to Art, every time he played our client course he brought someone different, who had never played the golf course before.  Assuming he only brought one other person each time our one Facebook post can account for (9 x $52 x 2) $936 in increased revenue.  If he brought a foursome each time he played golf, our one golf course Facebook post can account for (9 x $52 x 4) $1,872 in increased revenue.

The Recap

Art had never played our clients' golf course before. Art brought at least nine golfers who had never played our clients' golf course before. At the minimum, 10 new golfers had been exposed to this "hidden gem." Our client course, at the very least, made $936 in increased revenue in a five-month span from one golf course Facebook post.  It's likely that the actual number of increased revenue from rounds of golf was closer to $1,872 and that's not even including food and beverage and purchases in the golf shop. But, it still doesn't even tell the full story.

The Full Story

Ten new golfers were exposed to this "hidden gem," if they're all as enthusiastic about golf as Art is then at least ($936 x 10) $9,360, or if they all brought foursomes, $18,720 could be attributed to this one golf course Facebook post. In addition to Art's involvement at our client course, our two contests reached more than 4,299 golfers and had more than 832 people respond to them. Lastly, all of this happened within a span of five months.  When you calculate the lifetime value of these new customers from this one golf course Facebook post, what would that number be?  Could you do this daily?  How much revenue could you generate from using Facebook effectively? Sign up now for our Social Media Scorecard to see if your golf course's social media presence is up to par -

Learn the Social Golf Course Method

The Social Golf Course: Increasing Rounds with Social Media written by Zeb Welborn of 19th Hole Media and John Hakim of This book is an introduction to golf course marketing with social media. Market your golf course more effectively in the 21st century with social media using tools like Facebook, Twitter, email marketing, blogs, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and much, much more.

Zeb Welborn

Zeb Welborn is the founder of 19th Hole Media, author of the Social Golf Course, president of Welborn Media and the host of the Twitter Chat, #GolfChat. Find out more.

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