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Some may portray the golfer as an isolated kind of guy who chose golf over more traditionally team-orented sports because of his or her non-social, quiet, reserved nature.

But I think golf is the ultimate social sport that enhances teamwork and brings out true character and values.

At every golf course you encounter foursomes who have played together every weekend for years.

At every golf course you see people making new friends and building stronger connections with old friends.  At every golf course, you find people experiencing triumphs and defeats, challenges and opportunities . . . and life.

Golf is an experience we all can share.  With 19th Hole Media we can extend the golfing experience well beyond the time these golfers are at the golf course.  By sharing pictures, asking questions and encouraging conversations about your golf course we can make your golf course the destination people in your area want to play.  They will want to play because they know you, they trust you, and they like you.  They will play your golf course because they know their golfing experience will last well beyond that one round of golf.

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For 18 months we worked at Los Serranos Country Club in Chino Hills, CA with some amazing results.  See what we were able to accomplish at Los Serranos Country Club during our time at the course, which was recently named the 2012 Golf Course of the Year by the California Golf Course Owner’s Association.

What 19th Hole Media Can Do For Your Golf Course

What 19th Hole Media Can Do For Your Golf Course


As Bobby Jones once said, “It is nevertheless a game of considerable passion, either of the explosive type, or that which burns inwardly and sears the soul.”

The way Mr. Jones felt about golf is the same way we feel about using social media and Internet marketing to help grow the game of golf.  In the same way Mr. Jones realized that the game of golf could be so inspiring, motivational and engaging, we recognize that social media has the same ability to forever link people to the game of golf and, more specifically, your golf course.

Let us build a strong community around your golf course.  Because, after all, golf is a social game reliant upon the people who play the game.  If they feel welcome, engaged and heard, the sky is the limit for your golf course.

Schedule an appointment with us so we can educate you on the impact an effective social media campaign can have at your golf course.   Our mission is to grow the game of golf, because it is “a game of considerable passion,” and passion is what we’re all about.

Read our case study that shows how a single Facebook post generated at Least $936 for one of our courses.

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