Team 19th Hole Media Wins Bunkers Paradise Charity Golf Tournament

Team 19th Hole Media, comprised of Gary Christman, Kenny Donovan, Mike Quiroz and myself, Zeb Welborn won the first ever Bunkers Paradise Charity Golf Tournament for the Special Olympics of Southern California on Sunday, October 13.

Team 19th Hole Media at the Bunkers Paradise Charity Golf Tournament at San Dimas Canyon Golf Course for the Special Olympics of Southern California

Team 19th Hole Media

Roughly 50 golfers competed in the event held at San Dimas Canyon Golf Course.  The event started at 1pm and ended at dusk with the raffling off of some great golf prizes for the golfers that attended.

Our group was the first to tee off and had someone in our group poised to win all of the closest to the pin and long drive contests, but none of us won.  We did; however, shoot a 14-under par 58 to tie for the low score.

The round was filled with great drives by Mike Quiroz, great approach shots by Kenny Donovan, a great short game from Gary Christman and I helped out a little bit to fill in the gaps.  It also helped that we all made a lot of long putts.

We couldn’t be happier to have entered the contest and had such a great time, with a great group of golfers for a great cause.

I have known the tournament organizer and Editor-in-Chief at Bunkers Paradise, Ken Lee, for some time now.  Ken introduced me to Kate Hughes, who also competed and Gary Lee, who owns Lakers Nation and Bunkers Paradise.

I’d also like to say thanks to San Dimas Canyon Golf Course.  Ken and I became acquainted through Twitter and when I signed on to manage social media at San Dimas Canyon Golf Course, Ken wanted to make the course the home course for Bunkers Paradise to which General Manager Trip Stevens agreed.  Just a few months afterwards, Bunkers Paradise was holding their first ever golf tournament bringing 50 golfers to the course.

Thank you San Dimas Canyon Golf Course and Trip Stevens for working with me and Bunkers Paradise to help get this tournament off the ground and thank you Bunkers Paradise for choosing San Dimas Canyon Golf Course to host your tournament!

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Bunkers Paradise – An Online Golfing Community

For those of you that don’t know, I’m the host of the Defining Success Podcast, an online, interview-style radio show that aims to interview people from all walks of life to determine what it means to be successful.  In Episode 9, we talked with Ken Lee, the Editor-in-Chief at Bunkers Paradise, an online golfing community devoted to everything golf.

In the interview with Ken we discussed a variety of topics, but mainly focused on the impact social media has had on growing Bunkers Paradise and how he’s effectively managed to grow an online golfing community.

Ken Lee from Bunkers Paradise on Building a Golfing Community

Ken Lee

The online golfing community is set up to give golfers the ability to learn from other golfers who enjoy and love the great game of golf.

Ken, and the people at Bunkers Paradise like to have fun.  They make unique golfing videos, they review golf equipment and all in all just have a great time connecting with other golfers.

Social media has been critical to the success of Bunkers Paradise.  Their enthusiasm using social networks has encouraged more and more golfers to partake in online golfing activities, connect with other golfers and play more golf.

“Social media has been our forum for success,” Ken said.

Online Golfing Community - Bunkers Paradise and 19th Hole Media with Ken Lee on the Defining Success Podcast

Bunkers Paradise

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Building an Online Golfing Community

We met Ken Lee from Bunkers Paradise while we were managing the Twitter account for Los Serranos Country Club in 2012.  Ken is helping to build an online golfing community at Bunkers Paradise to help promote the game of golf and encourage more golfers to take up the game.

At the time, Bunkers Paradise had just begun to develop its online following and had really just started utilizing social media. Today, Bunkers Paradise is now getting recognized by almost every single major golf company. Everyone is interested in having the Editor in Chief of Bunkers Paradise try out there products and share their findings with their following.

In the following interview with Ken Lee, we learn how he was able to build a strong golfing community and how he’s used that to reach more golfers and generate value for his organization. By building and managing his following online Ken Lee has created a resource where golfers feel comfortable connecting with one another and sharing their ideas and opinions. And, as a business, Bunkers Paradise has prospered.

The previous interview was taken from the Defining Success Podcast, managed by myself and is devoted towards changing the way we view success. The podcast features interviews from people who love what they do, are good at it and are using their skills to help others.

We can help you build an online golfing community at your local golf course. Ken Lee discusses the importance of quality over quantity and we couldn’t agree more. We can help your golf course reach more customers, encourage golfers to play more rounds and generate more sales for your golf course. If you’d like to find out more about what we do or how we’ve been able to help golf courses across Southern California, please contact Zeb Welborn by email at or by phone at (909) 973 – 9089.

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