Apollo Insurance to Sponsor Southern California Charity Golf Classic

Apollo Insurance to Sponsor the Southern California Charity Golf Classic

Apollo Insurance

Apollo Insurance Services, Inc. is a full-service agency with over 40 years of experience offering a wide variety of insurance products and services. Founded in 1969, their expertise translates into the ability to offer the best coverage at the most reasonable rates.

Apollo’s goal is to make it easy and cost-effective for customers to protect what’s essential for themselves, their family and their property.

They do business as a trusted advisor, putting your best long-term interests first. Apollo makes sure you’re well-covered, not buried in paperwork. You can turn to Apollo for all of your personal insurance needs, throughout the many stages of your life.

Apollo’s agents are able to compare a wide range of top national insurance providers and choose what works best for the individual. That’s because Apollo’s knowledgeable, licensed professionals represent your interests, not a specific insurance company. You can get on with life, knowing you’re protected and have an experienced, dependable partner at your side.

A par sponsor receives one golfer, name and logo on most promotional materials and one tee sign.

Interested in playing/participating in the Southern California Charity Golf Classic?  Sign up here! http://19thholemedia.com/the-southern-california-charity-golf-classic/

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Zeb Welborn on Danielle Tucker’s The Golf Club Radio Show

Danielle Tucker’s The Golf Club Radio Show ® broadcasts state-wide talking to Hawaii’s Golf Pros and golfers across America.  Danielle interviews sports shrinks, authors, mental coaches and PGA broadcasters.

Zeb Welborn on Danielle Tucker's Golf Club Radio Show

Danielle Tucker

During the interview, Danielle and Zeb chat about The Social Golf Course and its implications for the golf course industry.  We discussed Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and how a golf course can become a social golf course.  If you’re interested in listening to the episode you can find it here – Zeb Welborn’s interview with Danielle Tucker . . . Zeb’s interview comes on around the 48 minute mark.

For more about The Social Golf Course, please visit The Social Golf Course website where you can engage in the discussion on what it would take for a golf course to become a social golf course.

In this episode, Danielle interviews Tony Dear, a golf writer from England living in the United States; Michael Patrick Shiels from Michigan’s The Big Show host, aka The Golf Club Travel Guru Extraordinaire; John Hopkins, a golf writer for Global Golf Post for 35 years at The Times and the author of Fore!; Ken Barley, the owner of PhotoBallMarker.com; Bill Fiedler, an account executive from Buffalo Communications; and of course, Zeb Welborn, owner of Welborn Media, host of the Defining Success Podcast, Author of The Social Golf CourseEntrepreneur, Golfer and Educator.


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