A 19th Hole Story by Bob Pouliot

Larry Velte, Bob Pouliot, Dave Kelley and Jeff Kelley

Larry Velte, Bob Pouliot, Dave Kelley and Jeff Kelley

This took place in October of 1992 …

Back in the day when Dave & Jeff Kelley, Larry Velte and I had a regular Saturday starting time on the north, we would team up against each other. This particular day, Dave and I teamed up against Larry & Jeff…

It was a very windy day… Due to the wind, we had an erratic match going, with the lead changing back and forth. We approached the par 3, 12th. Dave and I had the tee, set at 185 yds.. The wind was almost at gale force, in the direction of the green.

Dave selected a club and was getting ready to tee off… I interrupted and asked “Dave, what club are you hitting…?” .. Dave answered “5 iron.”.

I said… “Dave.. don’t you feel that wind? that’s WAY to much club…” Dave asked: “What club are you using..?” I responded “7 iron…” and wouldn’t let up…

Dave backed off and selected another club… and was getting ready to tee of again. I asked… “What club do you have now?” Dave responded.. “6 iron” Dave… (I ragged on him) “THAT’S WAY TO MUCH CLUB…”

Dave, a little irritated by now, backed off and asked again…”WHAT CLUB ARE YOU USING?”, I responded again 7 iron…”

Dave went to get another club… and I figured I might as well tee off…which I did… and badly. Shanked the ball off to the right..

Dave steps up to his ball… makes great contact…. hits the green… takes 2 bounces…goes in the hole..

I asked….”Dave…What club did you hit?” Dave responded “7 iron.” …… But I just used it to show you that you were WRONG!!!! I don’t remember who won the match…

Anecdote: The following week, unbeknownst to Dave, I hid a bottle of champagne in my bag… We approached the 12th … I popped the bottle

We all toasted Dave’s first Hole-in-ONE.. and still his only…

–Bob Pouliot

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A 19th Hole Story by Larry Welborn

There was nothing sweeter than playing golf with my Dad.

When I was attending Pepperdine College in the late 1960s, golf was a wee bit of a financial extravagance for me. So getting an invite to play with Dad was always welcomed.

He was a golf-playing lawyer then, a 10-handicapper with a smooth, self-taught swing.

He was never long off the tee, but usually pretty deadly with his irons, an original set of Pings.

My favorite memory is playing the South Course at Los Serranos with Dad and my two cousins, who were visiting us from Colorado on vacation in 1968 or ‘69. We engaged in the usual banter on the first tee about setting up our game. Besides a four-man best ball, we also agreed to paying a quarter for all pars and a buck for all birdies.

And then I blurted out, “How about $10 bucks for a hole-in-one?” Agreed.

So off we went, Dad was playing well. Had some pars, missed a few birdies putts, shot about a 42 on the front before he made the turn. It was a good day, playing golf with my Dad, that got even better on 12.

He had honors, and selected a 5 iron. He made a good swing, made solid contact, and held his follow-through as he watched the flight of his ball.

It landed on the front edge, took a little hop to the right, and rolled about 15-feet before it toppled into the hole!

Very, very cool. I saw my Dad make an ace.

The thing about the 19th Hole that day was that I don’t remember ever seeing him happier. He was smiling non-stop, and his smile grew especially wide when he made sure that my cousins and I each paid him the $10 bucks.

Dad passed away in 2009. He was 88. He had given his original Pings to Grady, one of his golf-playing grandsons, who later became a cart boy at Los Serranos.

I miss playing golf with Dad. But now I play golf with my sons.

And that is just as sweet.

19th Hole Story by Larry Welborn

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