GolfBoard Social Media Program

Congratulations on getting GolfBoard at your golf course!

You’ve invested a lot to bring GolfBoard to your golf course, but most courses fail to capitalize on the viral nature of GolfBoard. As with anything, it’s not just enough to get GolfBoards, you need to promote them and social media is the perfect vehicle to promote GolfBoard.

In fact, looking at numerous courses who have purchased the GolfBoard, virtually none of them are promoting them on their social media channels. It’s a shame and they’re missing out on massive word of mouth exposure at their golf course. Don’t make the same mistake - hire the experts at 19th Hole Media.

We’ve helped launch GolfBoard at two of the most successful GolfBoard facilities in California, Maderas Golf Club and Indian Wells Golf Resort. Both courses experienced such great success with GolfBoard that they’ve invested even more into their GolfBoard program since we were able to sell them out using social media.

Hire us to help implement a GolfBoard Social Media Program. We’ll help you sell out GolfBoard and increase word of mouth marketing at your golf course.

The Program

Through our program we can create:

  • A post on your website to help your golf course show up in search engine results and direct golfers to book GolfBoard at your course
  • A Facebook and Instagram program designed to peak the interest of golfers in your area and direct them to reserve a GolfBoard
  • Video content to highlight the GolfBoard experience at your golf course driving your local golfers to “Surf the Earth”
  • Facebook & Google Advertising to make sure every golfer who visits your website knows they can reserve GolfBoard at your golf course

Not only can you secure a larger fee for golfers who choose to use GolfBoard, but you have the ability to attract a new segment of golfers to your course. Sell out GolfBoard at least once a day and that’s a significant amount of income coming into your course.

Many golf courses think they can go it alone to promote their GolfBoard and most have the best of intentions, but the reality of the golf industry is that whoever is in charge of your social media will get busy and will not devote the necessary resources to promoting GolfBoard. Look at the social media for any golf course and it’s likely you’ll not see anything about GolfBoard on their social media channels. We know how to promote GolfBoard continually and effectively.

Hire the Pros

Hire 19th Hole Media to make sure your GolfBoard program is an instant success. Contact Zeb Welborn at (909) 973 - 9089 or

GolfBoard Foursome at Indian Wells Golf Resort
GolfBoard at Indian Wells Golf Resort


Bill O’Brien Vice President Operations Troon September 15, 2015

Partnering with Zeb dramatically improved the quality of the social media experience at Maderas Golf Club. He was instrumental in helping build out a comprehensive and layered strategy that was specifically tailored to each of the club’s customer targets. In doing so, the brand was positively reinforced, the message resonated with our friends and followers, and the “conversation” was happening in real time. I credit Zeb and his team for their persistence and discipline and creativity in engaging the friends and fans most enthusiastic about our brand.
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Zeb Welborn

Zeb Welborn is the owner of 19th Hole Media and the author of The Social Golf Course: Increasing Rounds with Social Media. Zeb has recently been named a Game Changer by Southland Golf, one of the Top 10 Most Innovative People in Golf Marketing and the Chino Hills Business of the Year. He works hard to grow golf. He is a sponsor of the California Golf Course Owners Association and is the founder of #GolfChat, a Twitter chat on everything golf every Tuesday at 5pm PST.